Curve Big Kev - Frameset
Curve Big Kev - Frameset
Curve Big Kev - Frameset
Curve Big Kev - Frameset

Curve Big Kev - Frameset

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Big Kev is here!

Big Kev is the progressive gravel bike you have been waiting for. Curve was one of the first brands to bring gravel bikes to the market. Now, it’s time for gravel-plus.

Designed as the new benchmark for adventure cycling, Big Kev features wide 29-inch tyre clearance giving you the comfort and confidence for weekend gravel missions or the reliability and speed to tackle bucket-list bikepacking adventures like the Tour Divide.

It’s Time for Gravel-Plus

A larger diameter means more comfort on rough terrain. With Big Kev, we have committed to the 29-inch wheel platform. With the new Ride 415 carbon fork, Big Kev is optimised for 2.1” tyres*, with a maximum width of 2.35” on the rear and even wider, up to 2.4”, on the front for extra control. (MED and below fit 2.1 Max Tire Size)

For less rugged missions or extra speed on fast gravel tours, you can slim down to 2.0” tyres for faster rolling. Gravel-plus means you can take on more than just pristine gravel roads. Big Kev gives you the flexibility to get more adventurous.

Light, Strong, Durable

With a titanium tube set carefully selected and finely tuned for weight, stiffness and shape, Big Kev is built to last. We’ve proven this with industry-standard MTB-level testing, even with the lightness of titanium. 

The detailing on Big Kev takes Curve bikes to the next level. A custom yoke, with asymmetrical chainstays and dropouts, allows super wide tyre clearance with a road Q-factor. This exquisite yet complex rear-end, tied together with an 85.5mm bottom bracket shell, provides a sturdy platform under load. The dropouts are the first in the Curve range built around the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH).

Adventure Ready

Let’s face it, to tackle the biggest bikepacking adventures with confidence, you need a bigger tyre. A narrow gravel tyre won’t cut it – no one wants to slash a sidewall on day one or walk a bike up a rocky climb due to lack of traction. Big Kev gives you all the benefits of a drop bar, but with the comfort and traction of a gravel-plus tyre.

Whether it’s single-day gravel missions, multi-day flashpacking, or racing the Tour Divide, Big Kev is ready for what you have planned.


Build Options

We get that your Curve is YOUR Curve, and so each build is custom, for you. Get in touch if you want us to help build the bike for you, or you can do so yourself with your preferred bike shop.