About Us

Benky Rides was born out of the belief that it’s never just a bike ride and never just a bike, but a tool to experience the world in the best way.

We believe that bicycles are a tool to create experiences, feelings and memories that transcend the moment and live within who we are forever.
We believe that a bicycle ride can and should adjust who we are and how we see the world.
We believe that bicycle rides are about friends.
We believe in riding just because that is what we love to do.
We believe that the bicycle is the best way to explore a country, to fall in love with it.
We believe that it’s never just a bike ride, that there is always more to it than that.

Benky Rides is passionate about getting riders on the right bike for them, not just what is in stock or ready to go out the door. A bike sale with us is a personal experience, tailored to finding out exactly what your needs are and meeting those. A bike from Benky Rides is more than just a bike, it is an experience machine built just for you to give you the best riding experience of your life.

Kevin Benkenstein is the owner of Benky Rides. As an avid rider of all bikes he is well-known in endurance riding circles for his love of ‘going long’ and desire to make every ride a unique adventure. His idea for Benky Rides was hatched on one such ride with his wife in the Karkloof area of KZN, South Africa and it has grown from there. Kevin is driven to show riders that riding does not need to be about how fast you are, always, but that the success of a ride can be measured by the size of the smile and the quality of the experience. A ride with Benky will generally include a bit of getting lost, some climbs and a whole lot of new experiences.