Curve G4T All Road Disc Wheels | Tar, dirt, worse, they'll handle it

Curve G4T All Road Disc Wheels | Tar, dirt, worse, they'll handle it

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Fat, Fast 'n Tuff

5 years in the making. We haven't been this excited about wheels since the release of our....err, G4's.
Our goal with the G4T was to go back to where it all began for Curve and offer the best, most reliable carbon wheelset that money can buy.
Disc Only & Tubeless Ready
The future is now! Disc wheels mean that "cooked rims" are a danger of the past. Rain, hail or baking sun, you’ll brake safer and your G4T's will last longer. 

Now Tubeless ready… Yes, you can still run tubes, but we encourage you to try tubeless tyres and experience the confidence inspiring ‘free-speed’. Not to mention the extra traction, stability and smoothness. 

Refined Manufacturing
We've worked with our Carbon Engineers for over 7 years and together we have further refined manufacturing and moulding techniques to deliver a consistant distribution of resin, a smoother rim surface and better dynamic balance.

Blah | Wider | Stiffer  | Lighter | Blah  
The new G4T has an increased internal width of 21mm. Externally it now boasts a 28mm wide profile. Our refined manufacturing process also allows us to improve lateral stiffness and reduce weight from previous G4 rims. "Blah, blah blah", but true. 

Our spec is proven in the pro-peloton and has also won ultra-endurance events.  Instead of skimping on inferior no-name hubs and spokes, we are proud to partner with European brands, DT Swiss & Sapim for our hubs and spokes on all wheels.


Rim Rim Weight Rim ERD Hub Hub weight Spoke Weight Spoke Nipple Wheelset Weight +/-30g
G4T 35mm x 28mm 400g 574 DT 350 SP CL Disc (24H/24H) 408g 230g Sapim cx-ray Brass  1438g
G4T 45mm x 28mm 435g 554 DT 350 SP CL Disc (24H/24H) 408g 230g Sapim cx-ray Brass 1508g